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The work experience is often more applicable than impractical theories that are taught at universities. Therefore, most companies pay more attention to individual experience than academic concentration and degrees in recruiting employees. According to the passed law by the United Nations in 2001, people can convert their work experience to applied licenses if they do not have any opportunity to study at universities.

The best approach and situation occurs if the experience and sciences are combined and complement each other.

Accordingly, the Canadian college with the license of the Ministry of Science of Canada with the license name and number of HARVARD RESEARCH AND INNOVATION COLLEGE (College permission No. 260544606) holds experimental and research courses for graduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees. These courses are research-based and authorize the applicants' entrance based on resumes and its scientific measures (e.g. papers, compilations, translations, the average grade of previous courses, conferences, etc.) and experiential aspects (e.g. numbers of work experience years, managerial experience, etc.). If resume rates reach the quorum and students obtain the course registration license, they can attend the college site in research-oriented online and non-attendance courses and obtain the master or applied PhD certificates in 6 to 18 months.

Some privileges of these academic degrees are as follows:

  1. Supporting domestic and international employment
  2. Submitting to international educational-specialized centers and institutes
  3. Increasing the business reputation and obtaining representation from international companies
  4. Submitting to specialized and scientific conferences and congresses
  5. High social prestige
  6. Improvement of work position
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