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About Us
HRIC (HARVARD RESEARCH AND INNOVATION COLLEGE) was founded to offer Virtual training courses to the general public by Distance Learning & eLearning and to provide these courses at affordable prices. We are recognized as Canadian Leading dedicated provider of Virtual training Courses.   
Who are we?
HRIC began its activity in the field of distance learning / eLearning) with the slogan of "eLearning, beyond the spatial and time limits" in 2012. This college has designed and provided applied courses with the aim to provide educational facilities for applicants who do not live in Toronto or cannot attend college classes.
In fact, the purpose of designing distance learning courses is to provide the opportunity to study and utilize the college's educational and research facilities for all applicants who cannot attend college classes because of distance or time mismatch.
The Canadian college with the license of the Ministry of Science of Canada with the license name and number of HARVARD RESEARCH AND INNOVATION COLLEGE (College permission No. 260544606) holds experimental and research courses for graduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees. These courses are research-based and authorize the applicants' entrance based on resumes and its scientific measures (e.g. papers, compilations, translations, the average grade of previous courses, conferences, etc.) and experiential aspects (e.g. numbers of work experience years, managerial experience, etc.). If resume rates reach the quorum and students obtain the course registration license, they can attend the college site in research-oriented online and non-attendance courses and obtain the master or applied PhD certificates in 6 to 18 months.
The HRIC grants two main types of certificate to qualified applicants: 
1- Short term distance learning certificate 
2- Applied Bachelor/ Master/ Ph.D. research-based certificate 
Interested people in receiving the first type of certificate, or the short-term certificate of distance learning, receive relevant educational content through their personal application panel on the website or via email after selecting and enrolling in the course, and receive the short-term education certificates after gaining acceptance scores in the final exam of course.
After gaining acceptance scores in entry exams and enrolling and paying the college tuition fee in master and doctoral courses, students need to present papers and research with titles that are selected by professors of their disciplines. After the approval of research and papers, a distance learning certificate called the "Applied Certificate" will be given to students.
Students can take advantage of these certificates in job interviews, social status, and related issues. In fact, obtaining certificates in any college courses indicates certificate owners' proficiency in those courses considering the research-centered nature of HRIC courses. 
What do we offer?
HRIC offers you the chance to achieve recognized Certification without altering your current lifestyle.
Distance learning/eLearning offers options for independent study, informal learning and varied communication channels which are provided by the eLearning College teams and one to one tutor support. The eLearning College teams want all our students to be successful regardless of their prior experiences with distance learning methods and hence have put the resources in place to make this happen. Our professionally qualified course professors and writers are fully aware of learner needs and have designed courses that are flexible and up to date with current situations/legislations and learning style


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