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Short training courses
The HRIC grants two main types of certificate to qualified applicants: 
1- Short term distance learning certificate 
2- Applied Bachelor/ Master/ Ph.D. research-based certificate 
Interested people in receiving the first type of certificate, or the short-term certificate of distance learning, receive relevant educational content through their personal application panel on the website or via email after selecting and enrolling in the course, and receive the short-term education certificates after gaining acceptance scores in the final exam of course.
Students can take advantage of these certificates in job interviews, social status, and related issues. In fact, obtaining certificates in any college courses indicates certificate owners' proficiency in those courses considering the research-centered nature of HRIC courses.
Short-term learning certificates
The HRIC holds more than 200 short-term learning courses as 16 main departments namely Accounting and finance; Architecture; Art; Banking; Management; Economy; Educational Sciences; Educational Planning; Engineering; Foreign languages; General; General counseling and psychology; Humanities; Job skills; law; Software; and Stock market. 
Each of designed courses at this college is applied and consists of 30 to 200 hours of training; and applicants can take the advantage of educational, scientific and practical content of those courses in their panels after registration in them, and they will be able to obtain certificates from the college after completing the final exam. 
Click on the link below to see a list of courses, tuition and registration: 
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